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Mission & Goals


The Paladin Conservancy strives to preserve the Old West through youth education about farming and ranching with the purpose of teaching real western life skills.

Our goal is to involve the community and younger generations in collectively enjoying and experiencing activities only found on a working Montana ranch. Today’s culture overloads us with a high-tech lifestyle, where children have immersed themselves in video games, television and internet. Our focus is the great outdoors where we can teach our youth real life Western skills, the pride and benefits of a hard day’s work and showcase how those skills can apply to their everyday lives.  Both ranching and farming have long been an iconic lifestyle, from the homesteader to the cowboy. It is a special culture based on working with the land and your hands, a heritage worth preserving for future generations. “Changing the life of one child can make a difference. If we all do a little, we can collectively change the lives of many.”



Preservation of the Old West

Wrangler Springs Ranch is a beautiful historic property, homesteaded in 1886 and the home base for Paladin Conservancy.  The Ranch is a community friendly place, where everything is showcased for learning about the western lifestyle. The Ranch features an extensive horse drawn wagon collection used to tell the stories of early homesteaders.  The Ranch features livestock, performance horses, fields of crops, riparian areas, forest land, stream and fishery, and historic homestead cabin, all used to learn about the production, preservation and operations.

Wrangler Springs Ranch is operated and funded by a private corporation which provides Paladin use of the facilities for educational programs and events. The Ranch is supported by crop, livestock and timber production, independent of Paladin. Both the Ranch operations and Paladin share a philanthropic vision for helping others by creating unique opportunities on the land.  Paladin is a 501-c3 non-profit conservancy supported by donations. Paladin is managed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time.

“Changing the life of one child can make a difference. If we do a little, we can collectively change the lives of hundreds.”