The Paladin Conservancy was founded in 2018 by Doug Averill, a lifetime resident of Bigfork, Montana. Homesteaded in 1886, Wrangler Springs was successfully farmed for years and has a colorful history. Encompassing 500 acres, the property includes productive farm ground, livestock areas, a large spring and beautiful creek. The goal at Wrangler Springs is to expose youth to a wide variety of new experiences by giving them the opportunity to take pride in a hard day’s work, get their hands dirty and learn life skills that are quickly becoming lost in today’s younger generation.

The farm experience will introduce
hands-on life skills to balance with our
culture’s high-tech lifestyle.

Wrangler Springs

Week of Hope

Honor and Serve
Ceremony 2020

program focus

To involve the community and younger generations in collectively enjoying and experiencing activities only found on a working Montana ranch.

Fish and Wildlife Habitat ~ Animal Nutrition ~ Livestock Breeding and Prodigy Development ~ Alternative Energy ~ Restoration ~ Construction and Building  Skills ~ Equipment Maintenance ~ Infrastructure Design ~  Teamwork ~ Crop Rotation ~ Planting and Seed Bed Preparation ~ Field Nutrition and Pest Control ~ Cowboy Culture ~ Hydroponic Production ~ Best Agronomy Practices 


Your support funds projects aimed at youth education in farming, ranching, and real-life skills.

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